Strategic Management

Using segmentation fields

Segmentation fields are flexible fields that the user can configure. It is meant to put an extra label, category, segmentation or any custom field to a portfolio, project, execution report or financials. It gives the user maximum flexibility to create its own fields that can be used for filtering or enrich the data stored in the system. In this section we describe the type of fields you can set up, how to populate it with values and how to configure it all together.

To make sure you can use different perspectives to analyse your projects, make sure that you use your custom made segmentation fields on project level. It will allow you to use it as a filter in all the out of the box reports. It will give you tremendous insight in the pool of projects and help you in your decision making process.

To learn how to configure these fields, follow this link. 

To know where you can find these fields on project level, have a look below how we used project segmentation fields in our community “Beyond”. If you open a project, you will see the “More Info” section. If you click it open, the project segmentation fields will become visible. In this example, we have configured five fields of which 4 are mandatory and one is optional.

These segmentation fields are fields on which you can filter the data to include in your reports. Let’s take the example of the Segmentation Matrix. In the Analytics section, we selected the Segmentation matrix and have chose the Region for the X-axis and the Market development for the Y-axis. An interesting view is now presented.