Financial Management

Using presets for financial entry

A preset is a saved template with selected values in one or more fields in the financial entry screen. It is designed to accelerate the user financial entry on project, program and portfolio level and hence, improve the user experience. This work instruction includes the description for a preset on the project financial entry screen. The way of working is identical for the program and portfolio financial entry screen.

1       Create a preset template

Browse to any project financial entry screen. In the right top corner of the screen you will see a button “Presets”. This button is visible for all users. Only users with the role “Community manager” can make presets public (available for other users in the community).

To create a new preset, first make sure that you have selected the appropriate values in the fields. The fields that are stored in the preset are marked in the orange rectangle below. Any values selected in the portfolio, project and program field are not stored in the preset.

Once the values have been selected, save the preset by clicking Save in the right top corner. Then click “save settings”.

Now, select a name for the preset and decide if the preset should be visible for all users (make it public) or only for you (make it private).

In case the preset was saved as “public”, all users will now be able to select the preset in the financial entry screen by selecting the preset button. Then, the preset name will appear on top of the list to make sure that it is clear for the user if he is still working within the preset. Once he changes one of the values that were preset, the title will disappear.