Uploading data

Bizztracker has developed upload template files that can be used to upload data in bulk. The templates can be used to add new data, to update existing data in the application or to delete data. Be sure that you use the correct commands: ADD / UPDATE  / DELETE.

Go to the menu “Data Integration”. You now see all the templates available for either download or upload data. In the upload section, the templates are grouped in Project data templates, Portfolio data templates and Other. From here, you can start uploading information.

Select the data that you want to upload. In the below example, we selected “Project Financials”. A new screen now pops up that will guide you through the process. If you are just looking for the template file, you can download it in this first step. Click Next to proceed with the uploading of data.

In the next steps, you can load your completed template file and the system will then validate it before actually uploading it to the system. In case there are errors identified, you will get an overview. These should first be corrected before you can continu. Just some examples or possible validation errors:

  • unexpected format (e.g. dates)
  • project number not recognised (in case you have selected the Update or Delete command)
  • project number already exists (in case you have selected the Add command)
  • Project manager not recognised (e.g. because the user is not yet created in the system)