What do we actually mean


A community in bizztracker is a closed business environment with its own settings, configuration, user authentication and authorisation to match the need of the customer.
A community can hold one or many portfolios; a portfolio can hold many projects and/or programs; a program can hold many projects.


A portfolio is a term that refers to a group of projects and programs.
Portfolios can be used on different levels to manage a set of projects and programs and its contribution to the strategy. Examples of different levels are corporate level, departmental level, business unit level or whatever level that makes sense in your organisation.


Successful programmes enable transformational changes for or within an organization. They exist to coordinate, direct and oversee implementation of a set of interrelated projects to deliver outcomes and their benefits, which are aligned to strategic objectives.

A programme may comprise projects across different areas of the business. For example, the launch of a new product or service may rely on projects running in the sales, marketing, distribution and IT departments, all of which are focused on delivering the outcome required by the programme.
Programmes usually last between one and two years.


A project is a temporary venture that exists to produce a defined outcome. Each project will have agreed and unique objectives as well as its own project plan, budget, timescale, deliverables and tasks. A project may also involve people from different teams within an organization who are brought together to accomplish a specific goal.


Flexible fields are fields that the customer can define within one community to be used on either project, program or portfolio level. These are used for segmentation, categorisation and to be able to label projects, programs and portfolios on specific company perspectives.