Financial Management

Updating project financials

Depending on the different amount types that are configured for your community, you can update the financials for all these different amount types (examples are actuals, budget and any other defined specifically for your community like rolling forecast).

There are two ways to update the project financials. Either by uploading a file with the details. This is highly recommended in case you want to update a lot of different projects at the same time and the information is extracted from other systems. In that case, follow this link to get more information about how to upload data.

Or, you can update the financials on the project card.

Open the project card and select the tab “Financials”. Click the button “Enter project Financials”. You are now diverted to the project financial entry screen.

In the project financials entry screen, you can enter which finance type (opex / benefits / capex / depreciations) you want to update, for which amount type (e.g. actuals or budget or any other type that is configured in your community), and the period for which you want to enter the data. For reference purposes, you can select the financial data of a specific period.

To enter the new financial data, enter the amounts in the yellow fields. You can also add a comment to the entry in the column “Financial Comments”. Once done, you can click Save.