Configuring documentation types

Many organisations have a documentation structure in place that should be followed by project and/or portfolio managers. To cover that need, the community manager can configure the different documentation types that should be uploaded on project and on portfolio level.

Both on project and on portfolio level, there is a tracker showing which documents have been uploaded and which haven’t. In the Analytics section, there is also an out of the box report “Documentation visualisation” showing you which projects have specific documentation uploaded / linked to it and which not.

To configure the configuration types, go to the Community menu and select the tab “Documentation types”. To create a new type, click the button “Create Docu Type”.

Now, give the documentation type a name and link it to either a Project or a Portfolio. Optionally, you can enter a description so that the user better understands which document is expected. Click Save when done. You have now created a new documentation type.