Configuring trackers

Trackers are measures that are important to track on project, program or portfolio level. They can be important during project execution but also after project execution. It could be used to track any qualitative benefits after the project has been completed, for example.

Typical examples of trackers on project level is customer satisfaction score, number of complaints, employee envolvement, change score, conversion rate and so on. It all depends on the nature of your project what is relevant to track.

Setup of trackers

To use trackers, they first need to be setup on community level. Go to the community page and select “Trackers” in the submenu. To create a new tracker, click the button “Create Tracker” in the right top corner of the screen.

A new screen opens where you should enter the name, optionally a description, the format of the value and whether the tracker is linked to a project, program or portfolio. Click Save when done.

The tracker is now available to be selected on the project level in the tab “Trackers”. By clicking the edit button, a value can be entered for that respective tracker.