Strategic Management

Using strategic reports

Strategic reports are meant to provide business intelligence to support the portfolio decision making process. To access the strategic reports, go to the Analytics menu and choose the report of your choice in the section “Strategic Reports”.

Strategic Focus

The strategic focus report is made in two flavours:

  • Strategic Focus by overall score
  • Strategic Focus by Objective

The strategic focus by overall score compares the calculated strategic score of each project. The overall strategic score is calculated based on the scores of the project for the different strategic objectives and its relative weight.

In the Strategic Focus by Objective report, you can filter the results for a specific strategic objective. You will then only see the projects that received a score for the selected strategic objective.

Segmentation Matrix (Heatmap)

The segmentation matrix visualises your projects against your segmentation fields. The axes of the report are flexible, i.e. the user defines which segmentation field should be used for the X-axis and which one for the Y-axis. This report makes use of the segmentation field on the project card. At least two need to be configured to make this report work.

The metric used in the heat map can also be chosen by the user.

Project Prioritization (Bubble Chart)

Based on the Net Present Value, the payback period and the strategic score, projects are compared. The comparison is visible in a so-called bubble cart, where the size of the bubble is the NPV.

To see how the bubble chart is impacted by excluding some of the projects, click on one of the projects in the legend to exclude  / include them in the graph.